Many new procedures are suggested by real estate brokers or builders, including steps to exhibit layouts and specific space information with a digital presentation to potential homebuyers.

By presenting such information digitally, they can ensure accuracy and/or bring approximate room proportions to the table ahead of time. As a result, digital presentations clearly display correct information of rooms other than living spaces’ actual positions in residences, such as the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and gardens.

Allow our Pixel Glow Images Company to assist you with your urgent floor plan conversion need. Original real estate floor plans are created and converted into digital 2D or 3D photos using professional methods. It ensures that homebuyers get the most accurate layout of the properties they’re looking at.

Through expert conversions, we methodically integrate technological elements, skillfulness, and, of course, years of experience in the area to produce the greatest digital presentation of sketches or printed floor plans. The Pixel Glow Images Company has the resources to assist you in showcasing distinctive Real Estate Floor Plan Conversions/ Floor Plan Services to a global clientele. Professionals that work with us have undergone extensive training in their respective fields.

They work on advanced software such as RoomSketcher, Google SketchUp, and other relevant software tools. Their familiarity with such tools facilitates the construction and conversion of engrossing 2D and 3D floor plans. We make certain that the end results reflect what a customer requested by taking into account the business parameters they provide.


Due to our years of hands-on experience working as a highly devoted team comprised of CAD professionals and specialists in technical investigations, we at Pixel Glow Images Company are considered a reputable, trusted, and sought-after real estate floor plan conversion service provider. We are known for experimenting with the most up-to-date tools, and we make sure that the architectural floor plan conversion procedure is rigorously reviewed for accuracy. Our goal is to provide 100 percent accurate results in the shortest amount of time feasible. Our real estate floor plan conversion services are as follows:

  • Create digital versions of manual sketches/drawings, pictures, or outlines.
  • Convert a 2D or 3D floor plan from an original sketch, image, or even CAD file format.
  • Prepare files in JPG, PDF, or DWG format with high resolution.

2D Floor Plans 

Our experts work closely with each customer to create floor plan templates that are tailored to their individual needs. We will provide you with significant assistance in attracting the attention of potential purchasers. Our goal is to improve a customer’s purchasing experience.

Our team of professionals will present an existing design or photograph, which will be reproduced in 2D and enhanced to appear in visually appealing floor plans. Another advantage of our services is that we can build or convert bulk real estate floor plans in the shortest amount of time because we work from home.

3D Floor Plans

Pixel Glow Images Company’s 3D floor plan is tailored to demonstrate the exact match of what a consumer is looking for. Our experts begin by meticulously converting basic floor plans into 3D representations, which takes very little extra time. It ensures that homebuyers may see accurate house models even if they haven’t visited in person. Our high-quality 3D floor plans attract buyers’ attention by providing a detailed overview of the layouts they examine.

We assist real estate dealers, brokers, construction workers, and engineers in highlighting their respective properties digitally as online flyers, print brochures, and even marketing collaterals, as well as through website presentations, by providing professional 2D and 3D floor plans and vibrancy in architectural visualizations to provide a genuine feel of respective properties.







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